Carroll Air Systems has been involved with LEED projects for many years. Carroll Air’s LEED Coordinator, Chuck Passman, is a PE, CEM, LEED AP BD+C and a Certified Green Building Engineer. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from LSU and an MS in Mechanical Engineering from UCF. He is a member of the Florida Gulf Coast Chapter of the USGBC. Carroll Air Systems is a member of the USGBC and was a Green Sponsor at the 2010 Smart Sustainable Tampa Bay Conference.Chuck Passman has authored a book that summarizes LEED v3 and each Prerequisite and Credit in the BD+C Reference Guide, with special emphasis on the differences between the Rating Systems included in the Guide. The book is published by Professional Publications, Inc. (PPI). 
Chuck regularly provides presentations regarding LEED and ASHRAE for a staff of 16 engineers and their clients.  His LEED presentation, LEED Version 3 and the BD&C Rating System:  A Condensed Review, has been approved by USGBC Education Review for two LEED-specific CEU hours.  The course has also been approved by the Florida Board of Professional Engineers for two CEU hours.The goal of the course is to provide an overview of LEED v3, the BD+C Reference Guide, the Rating Systems included in the Reference Guide and the Reference Guide Addenda, and to provide an overview of how ASHRAE standards and Regional Priority Credits apply to the Rating Systems.  The primary emphasis is on EA and EQ credits and the latest technologies related to high efficiency HVAC products, IAQ and M&V.  The course agenda is as follows:

  • Overview of LEED v3
  • Overview of each Prerequisite and Credit in the BD+C Reference Guide
  • Differences between the three Rating Systems currently included in the BD+C Reference Guide
  • Addenda to the Reference Guide
  • ASHRAE 90.1-2010 and 62.1-2010
  • Regional Priority Credits forFlorida
  • Latest technologies related to high efficiency HVAC products, IAQ and M&V

Chuck has developed a full service energy analysis team at Carroll Air Systems.  The team is capable of performing technical energy audits through the use of amp loggers, runtime loggers, kW meters and all the latest energy modeling software.  Chuck also uses this technology and expertise to assist owners, engineers and contractors in their efforts to identify, achieve and verify LEED prerequisites and credits.

Carroll Air Systems’ products can help an owner achieve up to 67 LEED credit points, enough for a LEED Gold certification.  A list of these products is given on the following pages.

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(Carroll Air donates all proceeds from Chuck’s CEU courses to our local USGBC chapter)

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